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    Glen Sanders Mansion

    Mohawk River  Cruise boards at Scotia Landing and goes towards lock 7. It is a narrated scenic cruise, which passes the Glen Sanders Mansion, Stockade area, the Rivers Casino, the Mohawk Harbor, the Lighthouse Restaurant. Then we proceed back. 

    Mohawk Swimming School 1912-1928

    Glenotia Island

    Mohawk Swimming School 1912-1928

    Mohawk Harbor

    The Mohawk Harbor features live entertainment, restaurants, apartments and condominiums

    How Well Do You Know Your Own Backyard ?

    Come and Cruise with us on the Mohawk River Cruise. I'll take you through the enchanted cruise to explore the historical places and open your mind to an amazing view that is only possible to achieve from the water itself.
    1-What are the five Island that separate Scotia and Schenectady?
    2-Reese Creek and what does that have to do with junction of Rt 5 and Rt147?
    3-From what country did a king who once had visited the city of Scotia?
    4-Who's world famous once had tea in Scotia?
    5-What Island was once a " Buried village "?
    6-What was once a major creek that runs underneath rt 5?
    7-What is the name of the bridge that once connected to a baseball stadium in Schenectady?
    8-What did the Knight of Columbus has to do with a park in the city of Schenectady?
    9-What is the connection of the oldest bridge in the Sockade to a vice president of United State?
    10-Who gave a sermon of " How Have the Mighty Fallen." and who was he was referring to?
    11-Who was fortunate enough to hand over $600,000. to Union College in 1854?
    12-Who's house in the Stockade was just raised and physically moved and how did he made his fortune?
    13-Stockade had a boatyard, what was the name of it and what is the name of the boat they made?
    14-What is a Dorp ?
    15-The Mohawk referred Scotia as Schonowee what does it mean?
    16- What crop was widely grown along the Island of Schenectady?
    17-Who was the person that went to the director general ,at the fort in Manhattan in 1661 to purchase the city of Schenectady from the Mohawk Indians?
    18- where and how this famous person died propose to purchase the city of Schenectady?
    19- The Massacre of Schenectady of February 9,1690 how many Frenchman ,Mohawk Indians, and  Algonquins Indians were involved?
    20- In 1790 the population Schenectady 4228 and 1810 the population had reached 5903 of whom 318 were what? 

    To find out more come visit us on the Mohawk River Cruise. You can reach us at (518) 852-9130.

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    Mohawk River Cruise

    Tue - Sun 1pm-7pm

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    call to reserve after 5pm

    Boarding location is Scotia Landing       ( Freeman Park )    

    22 Schonowee Ave, Scotia NY 12302

    Open Cruise

    Open Cruises are Tue-Sun. Tue - Fri open by appointment only. You can purchase tickets on site for $20 for a ONE HOUR CRUISE at Scotia Landing ( next to Jumping Jack ) All sales are final TICKETS ARE GOOD FOR THE WHOLE SEASON NO REFUND.

    TWO HOURS CRUISE $50 Purchase on site

    Private Cruise

    Private cruises are prescheduled and prearranged for special occasions. Call to make arrangements at 518 852-9130 All deposits are not refundable.

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    Parking is available for a fee for Mohawk River Cruise passengers at the Beukendaal Lodge 22 Schonowee Avenue Scotia NY 12302. located directly across the street from Scotia Landing.

    27 Seater Glass Bottom Tour Boat

    Call or send message for Two Hour Private Cruise

    Call 518 852-9130 for pricing

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    PRIVATE CRUISE ( 2 hours )

    Mohawk River Cruise

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